RegCheck™ was designed to facilitate better informed investment decisions - buy, sell or continue financing and to reduce delays in regulatory approvals, thus leading to a longer effective patent life. The cloud based platform serves as a continuous drug development monitor improving quality of research output, resource planning and investment decisions.

Make better informed investment decisions whether you are acquiring or selling a product or product portfolio, obtain faster/higher valuation exits and tie payments to research partners to qualitative review driven milestones.

RegCheck™ is fully supported by Hurley Consulting regulatory experts and Sintan Technology consultants.

RegCheck™ provides the tools for regulatory and technical review of nonclinical and clinical documents.

The 24 checklists contain over 2,000 study specific elements that are required to be present or addressed according to the most current FDA guidance documents.

The checklist elements are annotated and linked to 21 CFR and ICH, FDA and OECD guidelines, with over 6,700 citations. These on-line reference links are easily accessible to the user and facilitates knowledge transfer to contract personnel or even more junior staff.

See the RegCheck™ website for details:

RegCheck provides robust reporting functions that highlight the issues discovered through the review process and suggests remedial action.