Our Partners

   Integrichain, Inc      www.integrichain.com

Sintan has partnered with Integrichain, Inc to market and implement their Demand Network Analytics (DNA) suite of solutions to the SMB Pharma market. Today, DNA is the world’s largest channel data management and application cloud, processing hundreds of billions of dollars in annual channel commerce. The world’s leading healthcare and consumer brands companies count on DNA to put real-time channel data to work in their commercial businesses.

    Microsoft BizSpark   www.microsoft.com/bizspark

Sintan is a Microsoft BizSpark partner. This relationship ensures that we have continued access to the most advanced technology and resources to meet even your most demanding enterprise computing needs.

    InfoZone   http://infozoneus.com

InfoZone is a premier QlikTech technologny partner and business intelligence solutions provider with a long history of engagements in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Please see further information on the web: http://infozoneus.com