Business Intelligence Discovery

We at Sintan have a long history of powering our solutions and business processes with compelling, game changing analytics. Our powerful integration engines organize the data flows and populate the data structures specifically designed to facilitate analysis and deliver actionable knowledge throughout the enterprise.

Whether we are implementing our solutions or integrating the analytical processes in your IT environment, Sintan can deliver very cost effective solutions to your company by using a leading, world-class Business Intelligence platform. Sintan's technical resources have more than 15 years’ experience with QlikView technology that predates the US operations of QlikTech. We have implemented global QlikView based analytical systems and have deployed them in a number of industries ranging from CRM, Consumer Products, Healthcare, to Pharmaceutical.

Since we are a software development organization as well, our expertise allows us to build custom extensions and controls for the QlikView platform to facilitate a certain type of analysis or allow easier interaction with the system, which may be especially important for field personnel where ease of use and field acceptance are prime considerations.