CRM and Sales Analysis

Sintan’s CRM and Sales Analysis system is specifically built for the small to medium sized life sciences company requiring a turnkey solution to drive their commercial activities. The private cloud-based, single-tenant solution is optimized for the iPad and tablet platforms but supports all browsers within the Windows and Mac environments.

Rich out-of-the-box functionality provides everything the sales team and management require, including:

   • Shared calendars for coordination of collaborative selling efforts

   • Configurable customer types and data structures to match your business

   • Meetings and expense reporting to facilitate Sunshine Act submission

   • Sample reporting with signature capture.

   • Suite of activity and sales reports incorporating DDD, NRx, TRx, ex-factory or
     EDI-867 transactions.

   • Configurable hospital, MSL and practice base operating modes.

   • Flexible account-based or territory alignment options.

   • Interfaces with Sintan’s digital media presenter solution for closed loop marketing.

A comprehensive suite of backend administration tools combined with Sintan support services ensures the system is easily maintained and your sales data feeds are loaded within 12 hours of receipt, providing timely reporting to the sales force and management.

The single-tenant environment allows our customers to implement changes or enhancement at their own place and schedule.

Implementation typical takes 4 to 6 weeks which includes loading your customer data, historic activity and sales data.